Add it to milk, yogurt and soup

Recommended daily dose: 10 g



Enjoy the benefits given by bran.

DIGESTION: high fiber means less work for your intestine.

STOMACH PROTECTION: it helps to prevent various digestive system diseases. People suffering from heartburn will benefit from it, as it neutralize gastric acid.

WEIGHT LOSS: it increases the sense of satiety as well as absorbing fats.

CHOLESTEROL LOWERING: it prevents your body to absorb the cholesterol by absorbing it from the intestine and taking it out.

DIABETES: it lowers the sugar percentage in the blood.

REVITALIZING AND PURIFYING: the amount of mineral salts and vitamins makes it ideal for weakness and exhaustion cases. PROTEINS: it has a fair dose of proteins, ideal for the construction and cellular regeneration of our body.


INFECTIONS: The immune system’s response to bacterial infections is highly improved by the beta-glucan contained in soft wheat bran.

For bigas, great leavened products, and long leavening products

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