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since 1923

A long tradition of millers

The has its roots in the 15th century as an old structure which would go through many transformations. The building in the 19th century belonged to the Counts Carletti-Giampieri from Piticchio of Arcevia, then it passed into the hands of some owners of the area and in the 1923 was bought by the Spoletini Nazzareno’s family, who worked as chief miller in the Santa Marta Mill, in the Vatican.
During the First World War, called to arms, he was assigned to the mill of Gaville (Sassoferrato, AN) where they produced flour for the army. A long tradition of millers, that of the Spoletini family, which nowadays carries the ancient milling activity for over five generations in Magnadorsa of Arcevia. In 1954 the structure was moved about 10 meters adjacent to the ancient building to take advantage of the water jump with a still functioning hydraulic turbine. As then, the natural-stone millstones remained active and never modified

la nostra sfida molino spoletini
The future


Since the advent of the cylinder mills in the 1950s, stone milling for alimentary use ended up disappearing along with almost all of the natural stones, making manufactured millstones for zootechnical productions the only ones around.

Spoletini family’s challenge was to preserve these obsolete millstones for over than 30 years . Only after the 1980s they were put back into production, making it one of the first historical mills in Italy with a biological production certificate and a pioneer of this ancient and long-forgotten technique.

We have been grinding internationally known biological and conventional products for over 40 years.

la nostra sfida molino spoletini

"From Farm to Table"

This craft is the result of a series of experience gained over the centuries and carried with tradition through generations. In recent years this grinding technique has been rediscovered, leading to the construction of the modern stone mills. The difference between ancient and modern stone mills relies on the type of stone used.